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“Just when the main is going to work?,After all, the pressure brought about by Fang,In fact, it is still quite large.。”

This,What is said around。 Especially in front of you,In this case。 This kind of thing is currently,In fact,,Still coming to a relatively thorough。 And Shen Xuan,I want to cry without tears.。 Why these people always think,Shen Xuan has arranged in advance.? even though,Before it is really like this。 But now,Shen Xuan really wants to […]

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Change,A net heaven and earth,No matter how many evil spirits,Orthodox,not now,His neon man in a scientific knife,Too much awkward。

Bamboo! Blade sweep,A village,Liao Wenjie, slightly, looked at the sewer of evil spirits,Sword straight。 Take melon all the way,Before killing the sewer,He wave summoned three black openings,Bombing and excavating the big hole,Jump in it。 Underground drainage channel,The evil spirits are crowded.,Sweeping,I can’t see the end in two directions.。 “Heaven and earth nature,Dispersion,Mystery in the cave,Sway。” […]

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kayOne,She often forgets Blue Xin’s identity ,Lu Hao Cheng’s wife,In the river,What a member will have?。

Blue Xin stands under the lamp,Warm color light puts her face more and more,Wipe a shallow powder,The scorpion is translucent like a bright star river,More adding her beauty。 kayI’m scratching,The more you live, the more you look。 “hehe……”Yun’an shallow laugh,“Lady,This year,Your work is very good.,I am looking forward to the design of the next […]

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“So you stay in this county city.!I raise a small yard.,Just in the east,You and have been placed in the past!Just give me a look at the yard,Waiting for me to need naturally contact you!This is the key!”

“Dihu,gone!” Niu Niu climbed on the carriage with Thunder。 “okay,Miss!” Get an instruction,The carriage will grow up。 There is only that person is in place. “Young master,I…” Lower,The woman looked at no one,Be careful from the back door,Straightly rushing the rainy restaurant。 “She let you guard the yard,You are so good to keep it.,Your current […]

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但并非说,只要是个人就能感悟意境。 除了需要强大的精神力之外,还需要极强的天赋。 此外。 还有一个极其重要的门槛。 如果自身没有达到一定的条件,同样无法感受。 而他出手之间任何招式都能化繁为简,便达到了要求。 说白了,化繁为简也是一种意境,也是一http://www.kaiboss.cn种小极致。 夏天端坐如磐石,默默感受这五道明亮的线条。 它们长不见源头,后不见尽头,散发着神秘的波动,而且在缓缓的衍化着某种神秘的轨迹。 这种轨迹,代表着某种极致。 越是感悟,夏天愈发觉得深邃与玄妙。 几乎每一道线条,都能衍化无数个意境。 似乎这五道线条,蕴藏着天地万物运行生灭的规律。 每当他有所明悟时,识海中的浓雾便会泛起阵阵波动,那是精神力在以一种具象化的形式消耗着。 更为奇特的,是海中的那些印诀,竟然溃散开来,进行了重组。 组成 了一个个完全由线条凝聚的简陋人影。 就如同外界地球漫画中的火柴人一样。 这些人影在不断的出手。 Every punch,Every sword every knife,I am trying to evolve the mystery of this kind of road.。 NS3161chapter structure Time,Three-day past。 Three days,In the summer, most of the time is in the room.。 This is in this […]

Read more “Yell……”Summer,Dark dance,Also tolerate the pain,Yang Tian’s long,Put all the strength on the arm。

“Hunch!” A thorns of the knife self-lapse。 Follow the knife。 Then,Another knife。 Shot。 Unstoppable。 “Hunch”Then。 It is more than ten knives。 First1838Chapter Demon Valley。 A silent。 “Hunch!” “Hunch!” “HunchHunch……噗。” Only a knife is then torn with the sound of the flesh。 Not far away,The ancient morning is looking at,Face is pale。 In the eyes,Surging with […]

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“Swallow,Woke up。”Lu Lanran recovered the past look,Looking at her gentle smile。

“Um!”子 深 深 看 他 地。 “Eat something first。”Lu Yuli pushed the insulation barrel to her.。 “Why don’t you eat first??”子 坐 坐 他,Open two insulation buckets,The chicken porridge inside exudes a strong fragrance。 The rich fragrance completely evacuated her belly.。 “Wow!The chicken porridge made by your family is too fragrant.。”The squat is laughing, […]

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“You are looking for death!”

Summer frown,The dark scorpion is not calm。 Magna,People see him suddenly turned,A box is like a shell。 Fist。 Hard! This punch,Give people a sense of heavy and 彪悍。 Only listening to a sudden sound,Two fists have been striking together。 I don’t know if it is an illusion.,People seem to see that there are two invisible […]

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“Brother-in-law,I think she should not be completely indulging.。”Sichuan Luo Yaku is ancient。

“real?”Lin Feng heard the mad。 “probably,The real entry is the six parents.,To do something,Any means will be used。”Sichuan Luo Sakuo serious road:“If she is completely indulging,She will take advantage of your goal,But she didn’t have it from beginning to end.,So the other side in her heart exists.,struggle,This is also the reason for her Taishan shot.。” […]

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